6TH – 8TH NOVEMBER 2018


  • Arrival day

  • 19.30 Welcome dinner at Hotel Köhler


  • From 7.00 Breakfast

  • 8.40 Taxi transfer to school

  • Morning 
    Welcome event 
    - speeches 
    - presentation of schools 
    Tour of the school

  • Lunch at 12.15: Basilico

  • Afternoon 

   - 14.00: Welcoming event at the city hall by          Mrs. Eibelshäuser

      - Walk through Gießen

  • 19.30 Typical German dinner


  • From 7.00 Breakfast

  • 8.40 Taxi transfer to school

  • Morning 

Workshop with a script writer 9.00-14.00

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Free time

  • 19.30 Dinner at Justus


  • From 7.00 Breakfast

  • 8.40 Taxi transfer to school

  • Morning 

      - Evaluation workshop

      - Planning the project

      - Leaving school at 12.00

  • Lunch on our way

  • Afternoon

      - Marburg Back in Gießen at 16.00

  • 19.30 Dinner at Asia Palace


  • From 7.00 Breakfast

  • Departure day

Erasmus + report from the Italian students

In Gaeta, from 18th to 22th February, students from five different countries (Italy, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Turkey) met for working all together, for discussing about important social issues inside the Erasmus+ project.

The first day we were welcomed in the meeting hall by the Headmistress, then the German coordinator of the project presented it and afterward we listened to some Italian popular music played by a student and a teacher. Then, we visited the nautical school “G. Caboto” and the planetarium. Each country presented its school with some videos and later everyone ate Italian typical food, together with some food taken from the other countries.

During the second day we held the logo contest, each country presented its own logo and the Latvian one was the most voted, so it won. Afterwards we watched the short films that every nation presented. In the afternoon we went to the beach and later we got back to school for working in mixed groups. We discussed about the short films. In particular, we spoke about racism, bullying, and the wrong use of the mobile phone. 

On Wednesday morning all of us continued to discuss split in nation groups and we presented all our ideas about the short movie we will produce about social issues. Later on we went to Formia for some shopping.

The next day we visited Rome, in particular we had a trip to Cinecittà and later we had a walk in the most important landmarks of Rome.

The last day we kept on discussing about the topics of the short movies and we wrote a report on the workshop.

In the evening we said goodbye to all the participants having a farewell party and having a lot of fun all together.

Thursday 21\02\2019 Visiting Rome and Cinecittà

We left Gaeta at 7:00 am from Rome.

We arrived in Rome at 09:45, the first stop was Cinecittà where we visited the recording rooms and the museum of the history of cinema; after that we had lunch and we left for Rome city centre.

In Rome we walked for three hours and we visited the

Circo Massimo.

Arco Di Costantino.


Fori Romani.

Fori Imperiali.

Colonna Traiana.

Altare della Patria.


Fontana di Trevi.



Piazza Navona.

Castel Sant’Angelo.

Piazza San Pietro.


We left Rome at 17:30 to arrive in Gaeta at 21:00.

From this experience we have learned a lot more about the beauties of Rome and its history. We never forget what we have experienced.

Erasmus meeting, Gaeta 17.02-23.02.2019

Students' impression - Germany

The second Erasmus project meeting named “Approaching social issues by films“ of the Friedrich-Ebert-Schule took place in Italy, Gaeta, a little city 140 kilometres south of Rome. After an 1.5 hour flight we landed in Rome and were driven to Gaeta by bus. Nearly every day had the same structure: In the morning we ate a typical Italian breakfast and after the meal we walked with our teachers to the I.I.S.S. GIOVANNI CABOTO school, where we met the pupils of the different nations (students from Poland, Latvia, Turkey and Italy of course). Then we participated at workshops with different topics, e.g. films and social issues. Furthermore there were numerous events like the European market, where the different nations presented their local food.

We also held the logo contest to evaluate which logo fits best to the project - Latvia won the competition.

After a tasty lunch at the seaside we were given some free time, which we used for shopping, visits of the beach or we just went for a walk. In the evening we went to a restaurant called “La Pescheria“ which offered local specialties like shellfish, noodles and pizza. Apart of meeting other people from other countries we liked the visits of Formia and Rome the most. Some Italian pupils showed us the city of Formia. In Rome we first visited the famous film studios called Cinecittà, where the HBO series Rome had been produced. Afterwards we visited the ancient city centre of Rome, e.g. the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and lots of other sights. 

We are keen on seeing the other students again, working at the exciting project and producing our own movies.

The Erasmus-team of the FES: Mr. Gründemann, Mrs. Spiegel, Leonie Munzert, Lina Golab, Petra Gyömrei, Rinad Hijazi, Luis Mickel, Tim Kreiling, Leon Hebeisen and Johannes Pilawa

Students impressions on Gaeta workshop

Students' impressions - Italy

Balletta Tancredi


The workshop that started on Monday 18th February and finished on Friday 22nd February was

for me a really great experience! I had the occasion to know new people from other countries and

being able to compare myself with them on many aspects. Through the short movies presented by

the students from other countries we had the opportunity to know the social issues that unite us and

understand how to deal with them. I found the guests really nice and available to get

acquainted, and I hope to see them another time in the future. I liked the teachers too, very

available to help the students during the workshop time. I also enjoyed the activities like the visit

to Cinecittà and the trip in the centre of Rome!


Mezzullo Jacopo


My experience with the workshop was very interesting because I spoke with people from other countries on some current social issues. The social issues we talked about were bullying, smoking, smartphone addiction, racism, immigration and educational systems. It was nice to go around Gaeta with them showing the local attractions. For me it was a great experience and I would like to repeat it!

Caruso Gabriel

From 18th to 22nd 24 foreign students from the European countries of Germany, Latvia, Poland and Turkey came to Gaeta for the first workshop of the Erasmus plus project “Approaching social issues by films”.  During this time we saw short films covering different issues such as: smartphone addiction, racism, smoke addiction and bullying. The short film that impressed me more was the one were the kids smoke. After the vision of the shorts we made a trip to Cinecittà and Rome where I had a lot of fun. During these days I met a lot of nice people and I had the opportunity to talk about various ideas and opinions. For me that was and will be a great experience for learning English also, to know the social problems of other countries and to meet people with different cultures. Absolutely awesome experience that I hope to repeat one day!



De Meo Giulia


From 18th to 22nd February, the first workshop of the project "Approaching social issues by films" took place in Gaeta at my school. I had the opportunity to meet people from different countries and make a lot of new friends. 

Besides getting to know all the students, I got to know their culture and their interests.

It was very exciting, in fact during these days I was very happy and excited.

The most important day for me was on February 22nd, when I had to say goodbye to my new friends: I was very sad and unhappy, but I hope to meet them again.

I'll never forget the emotions that I felt, and I hope to try it again.

I hope I did a good job!

Martellacci Vincenzo


Last week from 18th until 22nd February, we spent together with students from other nationalities (Germany, Poland, Turkey, Latvia) some days to work on the Erasmus plus project “Approaching social issues by films”. The first day we welcomed everyone with refreshments and after we let them know our school. Later we watched the short films brought by every nation and we chose the logo after a contest. Then we went visit the old part of Gaeta. The next day we confronted in speaking about short films but above all we got to know one another better.  For a student like me it was a very important experience, meeting people from other countries and relating to them seems like a walk, but it was challenging but at the same time fun and exciting.   


Miele Mattia


I think that the Erasmus workshop was very interesting and fun, because we had the opportunity to talk to people from different countries, such as Poland, Germany, Turkey and Latvia and we had the opportunity to understand what were the problems that afflict others countries such as smoking in or bullying that we all have in common or others.

Another thing that I liked was the organization of the whole project that was great.

Students' impressions - Latvia

Last week I took part in Erasmus+ project and went with my team to Gaeta, Italy. We discussed social problems and showed them in films. My team chose 2 problems that we can face nowadays: bullying and teenage smoking. We showed other teams films about these problems and talked about them. From other teams we also heard and saw films about bullying, addiction to mobile phones and others. I really liked taking part in this project. At first I've met a lot of new people from other countries. We also discussed in international teams how we can improve each others' films. Then we visited a lot of beautiful places, such as Gaeta (the city we lived in), Formia and, of course, Rome. All the teams went sightseeing and spent time together.

Viktorija Savostina


This experience was first for me. So, I liked it. I met a lot of new people from different countries. It was very interesting to watch some films and listen to presentations about APPROACHING SOCIAL ISSUES BY FILMS, which had been prepared by each group. I learned a lot of new things about Italy. The most memorable event was the trip to Rome, I really liked the architecture, famous sights and very friendly people. But it would be better, if we had free time for walking and for some local shops. In Gaeta, the best place for me was the beach. It was very beautiful with rocks and an amazing view on the mountains. The weather was good +14°C, like in Latvia in April.

To sum up, I liked this project because I had a chance to meet new people from different countries and make friends with them. I hope our friendship will last long.

Anastasia Shvaryova


This february I was in Italy thanks to the project Erasmus+. I visited 3 cities - Rome, Formia, but "the main life" was in the beautiful city of Gaeta.

This trip to Italy helped me get more new people around me. Now I've made friends with guys from Germany, Poland and Italy.

The most memorable moment was when I and my classmate Roman were playing football with boys from Germany and Italy. At that moment I started understanding their lifestyle and mentality.

Unfortunately, we had only 1 week's time in Gaeta and it wasn't enough to get to know each other better. I hope that all the guys, who are participating in this project, will come to our country - Latvia. Actually for only 1 week, I've understood that all nations are very different and it's perfect if you have a chance to become acquainted with different nations!

Alexander Chernishov


This kind of journey to Italy was really enjoyable for me, especially within the framework of the Erasmus+ project.

I’ve never been to Italy, so I’m really excited and thankful that I visited this country and I’m going to visit it again. I enjoyed every excursion. Now I’m in love with Italian architecture and its history. It was really interesting to see those incredible buildings in real life and find out something new about them. I really enjoyed trip to Cinecittà and Rome. Also it was really interesting to carry out special project tasks and fulfill them in groups with students from other countries. But it would be better if we had more activities like these because it helps to get closer to each other and communicate more.

Anna Vasilyeva


We arrived at Italy on February 17.02.2019 and the days we spent there passed very quickly. Honestly, I liked almost everything, the hotel was good with  delicious breakfast, good internet connection. I will miss the guys who participated in the project. I will miss the beautiful places and the good weather. Thanks to this project, I was able to find new friends, was able to visit Italy and I am very glad that I visited Rome. I knew that it is beautiful, but I did not realize how beautiful it is. One drawback - I would like to have more free time. I want to say thanks for this week in my life.

Robert Lederer


From 17th to 23rd of February we were in the wonderful city - Gaeta. It is hard not to overestimate this meeting because everything wasn’t just good but perfect. I liked it very much. The weather, all the activities we participated in, excursions and the the main point of any project, to my mind - communication. All the students were sociable and very friendly. It was easy to talk to each other, the atmosphere was warm and cosy. As a person, who understands the significance of society, I was happy to discuss the problems we have found and highlighted during our meeting. Regarding the concept, I like the ideas to approach those issues by films. It was interesting to watch other teams’ movies, to listen to their ideas and improvements we can include to make our films better. Regarding the partners, I found out a lot of new about their customs and cultures. Erasmus + gives you an opportunity to widen your horizon, to meet new amazing people and to make this world a better place together. The excursion on the 21st of February to Rome was wonderful. Apart from visiting the ancient city with famous landmarks and amazing architecture, we also visited very famous filmmaking studio - “Cineccita”, where we saw how movies are made from the scratch till the ready product.

Roman Dyakon

Students' impressions - Poland

It was a great experience for all of us!

First of all we learnt a lot of different things especially about films, culture of Italy and other partners schools.

Thanks to variety of topics and styles of showed films we approached knowledge about social problems and dangers.

We heard different opinions about given topics. The films were presented in other kinds such as comedy, drama or cartoons.

Nowadays the culture can vary a lot. Thanks to cooperation with people we created multicultural friendships.



English language helped us in teamwork tasks and communication. We extended skills of fluent conversation.

We visited many interesting places, had a chance to know different nature, experienced climate and tasted Italian food. Planetarium and a ship at school is not a usual thing to see.

Thanks to an amazing organisation we had time for sightseeing Gaeta, learning about social issues and also had some time to rest.

We were so pleased to participate in a lovely and unforgettable meeting!

Students'impressions - Turkey


For Erasmus plus project we went to Italy. We landed Italy on 17.02.2019. First we met with students from other countries and started to working on project.


In the beginning we watch our two films with other countries and explain why we chose these films. After that we divided to groups and gave advice to other countries’ films. We have two films. One of is about education system. We got so many advice about that. One of is took our attention. They said you must add a scene  about teacher-students arguments. So we think education starts with family. We made a draft about that and shared with other students. Our second movie is about pollution and we didn’t get many advice because everybody liked that film. On 21.02.2019 we went Roma. We traveled Cinecitta, Collezium, Vatican and so many places.


We finished first step of our project. Best part of  Italy was climate is really similiar with Turkey. Of course we never forget Collezium,Gaeta beach and perfect Italian lazagna.


 Turkey Team

Polish meeting considerations by Italian team

(22/05/2019- 29/05/2019)

Students impressions - Poland 

In the last week of May we took part in the meeting in the framework of our project.

First of all we have learned more about films and partner schools.

Thanks to variety of topics and styles of the films we have approach knowledge about social problems and possible dangers of everyday life. We have learned how to make a short film.

Beside that we have made a lot of new friends.

We hope we made our guests feel comfortable and welcome in Poland.

We hope we can meet all of them very soon!

Students impressions - Italy

Giulia de Meo

We visited Bydgoszcz and other Polish cities, we have made new friends and we ate very tasty Polish food.

I really liked the way we were welcomed, in particular I enjoyed all the coffee breaks during the morning, when we danced all together. I think that these are the best moments because dancing and singing you can made a lot of new friends, and we did it!

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to talk about our short films after watch it and we didn't work in mixed groups as in the last meeting in Gaeta, infact we worked in national groups in all the activities.

Moreover, I would have liked do some group activities during the afternoon or maybe some little tours in the city.

But all the other things were fantastic!


Anna Treglia

I have been impressed by the town, where there is a concentration of life, of activities, of absolutely unique and interesting places, artistic beauties such as the imposing and majestic architecture and its landscapes of  thousand castles ...

The meeting , however, unlike the city, disappointed me a little, since I did
not have a complete knowledge of what others thought of our shorts, we did not communicate much among us, during the school hours. In short, there was little organization to talk about the project.

The last very important thing, for me, that there could be a different organization also for the hotel, there was no need for a luxury one since we are normal people!

 Gabrile Caruso

During the meeting in Poland there were presentations of the shorts and the tasks that were assigned to us in the previous meeting.

Before and after the presentation of the shorts there were few work groups compared to the meeting in Italy, so it was impossible to work together  in order to let the students communicate more.

With regards to the hotel it was beautiful but you could save on costs. Regarding food, I have nothing to complain about because there was
a perfect organization because every student had the food of his own country but at the same time he could try that of other countries. I conclude by saying that it was a very nice meeting where I met many people and improved my English


Vincenzo Martellacci

My impressions of the workshop in Poland have been very positive. I have experienced different places and tastes from which I live. The city that struck me most is Poznan, with its colorful houses and the typical locals, it made me relive the era of the past.

The meeting with the Polish students , on the whole was not bad, they welcomed us in a friendly way, welcoming us and letting us know their school day different from ours !! The only negative aspect I found is that they gave us little time to  discuss our short films. I would have preferred, having more space, in exchanging our opinions. For the rest it was a wonderful experience.


Tancredi Balletta  


During the meeting, together with the other guys from the other countries (Germany, Turkey, Poland and Latvia) we had the opportunity to talk about the social issues that we dealt in the short films we showed. We had the possibility to visit the beautiful city of Bydgoszcz and other Polish cities like Gdansk during the Sunday, city that really impressed me.

The guys coming from the other countries were really fantastic I had the opportunity to make new unforgettable friends and I hope to see them again as soon as possible.

They all made this week more beautiful than I expected! The welcome we received was really excellent also thanks to the teachers that were really helpful with us students

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life that I would certainly like to repeat in the future


Fabio Ciaramella

In my opinion it was a wonderful experience that I will surely want to repeat, especially for the bonds that were formed with the other boys, in addition to the place it was beautiful, I was struck by all the Polish beauty, from its good food to its large cities and its population

I also liked the proposed activities and the shorts that were proposed in Italy, seeing them reworked and re-presented by them, to then each exchange their own opinion

It was a wonderful experience and I hope to return to Poland one day

Students impressions -Latvia

First of all our Latvian group is very grateful to be invited to Bydgoszcz in Poland. We made a lot of friends from Poland, Italy, Turkey and Germany. For a week we have done a lot of things: sightseeing in Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, shopping, tasting Polish cuisine and studying.

It was an amazing opportunity to get to know about students from different countries and communicate with them.

Thank you,

Best regards.

(Justine, Aleksandr, Beata, Ernest, Darya, Lera)

Valerija Leibovich

It was an awesome experience. I participated in this kind of project for the first time. I have never been to Poland before. The project gave me the opportunity to fly by airplane for the first time in my life.

The driver met us at the airport in Gdansk and took us to the hotel in Bydgoszcz. Our hotel was incredibly beautiful. Near the hotel there were all the necessary shops with food, water and medicine.

At first we didn’t know anyone, but in a short time we all became friends.

At school we worked in groups, we shared ideas with each other. We also had workshops about films and we learned a lot of new things. For example, we learned how to shoot a short film without editing.

All the groups presented their countries, schools and short films they had prepared for this meeting. Everyone was helpful and kind to us. Even if you forgot a word, you were still understood.

We had a trip to Gdansk. There we found out more about the history of Poland. On the last day of our meeting we had a farewell party. We all said goodbye for a long time. Sometimes even cried. I didn’t think that it would be so sad to say goodbye.

I hope in October we will see our friends, we have made in Poland, once again in Latvia. It was a perfect week with awesome people. Thank you Erasmus+.

Darya Dolgopolova

I have never been to Poland before and my first time was just amazing.

I’ve never thought that school trips can be so cool. Before coming to Poland we didn’t know anyone, but in a short time we made a lot of new friends.We learned how to communicate, we also learned about different cultures and traditions.

We found out how to shoot a movie in one hour. It was an exciting and  great experience for us. We were doing a lot of interesting exercises.

The week spent in Poland was really nice and cool. I wish I could repeat this trip.

Meeting in Riga, Latvia- 13,19,10.2019

By Tyrese Hübner about the meeting in Riga 10/2019:


After the German group had arrived with six students and three teachers at Riga airport the Latvian teachers took us to our hotel by car. The first impression of Riga city was very good.


I liked the houses and churches a lot and I noticed that the public roads were very clean. Riga has got many old houses being built, in the Art Nouveau period which looks special and unigue.


The next day we were taken to the Latvian private school where we met the other participants from the countries.

The following countries were included: Poland, Italy, Turkey, Latvia and the German group.

The German teachers were Mrs. Wöhrmann, Mr. Gründemann and Mr. Rückert the German students were Svenja, Rinad, Paolo, Robin, Joel and myself. Every day was full of different activities.


One day all groups presented their tables with their local food and drinks.We did many activities and "warming ups"and listened to a film specialist who gave a lecture of the design of film scenes.


Another day we went to "Cinevilla", a „Village“ where numerous films have been made.


A man showed us varios special effects, which were used for creating film scenes.


The next day each school showed two films about different topics that had been made and introduced them to the audience.

We visited the „Rundale Palace“, which looks very distinguished from the inside. On the last day we practised a „flahmop“ and in the evening there was a disco evening and farewell party.


During my stay in Latvia I realized that I want to work harder in English as I noticed what it is like only to communicate in English .

My personal highlight was the disco evening, because most of the time I was talking to most of the Italian students in English, we all sang and danced together.


By Robin Mattern about the meeting in Riga 10/2019:


When we were picked up from the airport by the Latvian teachers in Riga and drove to our hotel, I thought to by myself what a beautiful city Riga is. Riga is a big, beautiful and very clean city. The Latvians themselves were very nice and polite. At the Erasmus project in Latvia 4 countries participated. Germany, Italy and Turkey stayed in a B&B hotel. The Polish people were in another hotel nearby. The Turkish group arrived just like the Italians with 7 students and 2 teachers. The Polish and German took part with 5 students and 2 teachers. When we all went to school on Monday I thought only to myself WOW what a school! The school was big, had many rooms, in every classroom a TV and in every room Internet! The teachers and students were all very nice and hospitable. In contrast to our school, this school is more modern. The difference is, that our school isn't so big and has so many televisions and all that stuff. In the course of time we have all been very good with each other. The best thing we did was to get in touch with the Italians, some of us still have contact with them even now. I have to say about the program, it was well prepared and very good in general. During the week, we were accompanied by a guide who showed us a few things about Riga and explained something about it. On Monday she showed us the old town of Riga and told us a little story about some houses. The next day we had a day trip to Cinevilla. We went there together by bus. The journey lasted approximately an hour. We looked at houses and locations and watched some short films about the locations we visited. Cinevilla is a Latvian film studio where many films and series have been shot. After that we went to a church where we had a workshop with a green screen. The workshop was called Experience the making of special effects in movies. The man who showed us this, picked some students and teachers from us and made a scene with them with the Greenscreen. For example, one student sat down on a bicycle and another student was pretending to run after him, but she just walked right on the spot. In the background you saw a road and it looked like the student was riding the bike and the other student was running after him. Left and right there was a TV where you could see everything. The next day we went to school and had a workshop. The workshop was run by an expert of the Riga Film Studios. He told us how to cut a movie. After that we formed groups and got different tasks. Each group had a color and you always had to do something with it. For example, make a piece of clothing with cardboard. On Thursday we had another day trip to a palace called Rundale Palace. Our guide showed us around and explained something about it. On the last day we had a flash mob where we practiced a dance and presented it to the teachers. In the evening we had a party where everyone danced and celebrated together. The party was my personal highlight. The next day we were taken to the airport and said goodbye.


In general the trip to Latvia was very nice and we got along well with everyone.


By Joel Broux about the meeting in Riga 10/2019:


My first impressions in Latvia were that Riga, the city we lived in, was pretty cold and very clean. We were in Latvia because we met there with four different schools from four different countries for the Erasmus + project. The school, a private school, was also very clean. The students and teachers had extra ID cards so they could open doors. Five countries with five different schools took part in the meeting in Riga. The Italians were there with a total of 7 people, two teachers and five pupils. The Turks had travelled to Riga just like the Italians with 7 people. They also travelled with two teachers and five students. The Poles had also come with two teachers and and the German group were 3 teachers and 6 students. The highlights in Riga were 'Cinevilla' as well as 'Castle Rundāle Palace', a 5 star restaurant 'Government' and last ('Lido Leisure Centre') and Lido krasta. 'Cinevilla' is a small village built especially for making movies. 'Lido Leisure Centre' is a 5 star restaurant with a large theme park. The castle Rundāle is a baroque castle owned by the state since 1902. It is located in the Latvian region Semgallen, 10 kilometers west of the city of Bauska. It is often referred to as the 'Versailles' of the Baltic States. In the course of the week some things became clear to us, e. g. that we had a completely wrong picture of the Latvians and that they were actually quite nice. We also saw how difficult it is to shoot and edit a movie. My personal highlights were 'Cinevilla' and 'Castle Rundāle'.


By Paolo Herrera about the meeting in Riga 10/2019:


On Sunday the 13th, after we had arrived at the airport of Latvia, we were picked up by the Latvian teachers.


When we were on the way from the airport to the hotel, the city made a very good and interesting impression


The houses and in general the construction of the houses reminded me to the architecture of Art Nouveau. I especially liked it, to see something new. Besides the city had been very clear and well restored. I will not forget lots of beautiful churches that can be admired there as well.


The hotel was one of my personal pluses, because it was very well equipped and you felt very well there.


Although our group didn’t really know each other, expect Robin because he’s in my class, we founded out quite quickly that we actually got along well. Right on the first night we got to know the Italian group and therefore we got along with those best on the entire trip.


But with the help of joined activities, for example: (eating dinner together or work together at the Latvian school) the groups came together pretty close in the course of the excursion, until everyone realized that they all got on well together.


Another of my personal pluses were the Latvian hosts, they were very diligent in planning and preparing, so everything worked smoothly.


In Latvia, we got important information about film design and production. That was the main reason why we met there, then later to create an ,,Endmovie‘‘ which is going to be presented in Izmir to finish the project.


Actually everything was very well, but what I liked most was “Cinevilla”. It was the second day of the excusion when we visited “Cinevilla” for the first time. “Cinevilla” is a village created especially for making films and I was impressed about it because I was always interested in how movies are made.


By Rinad Hijazi about the meeting in Riga 10/2019:


The Erasmus project meeting on the topic “Approaching social issues by film” of the Friedrich-Ebert-School took place in Riga; the capital city of Latvia. The first image I saw of Riga gave me the impression that it was a typical big city; cathedrals, trendy stores, museums and a river cutting the city in half. The more I learned about Riga, the more the impression of it being a city of art grew.


After a 2-hour flight we finally landed in Riga airport and were driven by the teachers to the hotel. Every day was a bit different from the other; on the first official day we went on a tour around the Latvian school ISMA PREMJERS. After everyone presented their countries and schools we got to try different foods from the participating countries in the European food market. During that time, we got to finally talk to each other properly. Whenever we went to school we ate warm lunch at the cafeteria. And the last thing we had before having a delicious dinner which was mostly at Lido, a Latvian chain restaurant which offered a buffet of traditional food, we also went to other restaurants like Governments. We had a very well-organized schedule that meant that of course that we had enough free-time which we used to go shopping, walk around the city with friends from other countries… etc. Other than presenting our films, taking workshops on editing and talking with the other students, we went on different trips that taught us more about Latvia’s culture like our visit to Rundale palace in the Rundāle Municipality and a guided tour around old Riga. When I was doing some research on Riga, the art noveau style caught my attention and made me want to see it with my own eyes. I found the buildings constructed with that style very beautiful which made them my favorite thing about Riga.


By Yasemin Yildiz about the meeting in Bydgoszcz 05/2019:


The day came and we took the train to Poland. The outward journey was very amusing and funny. After a few hours of travelling we arrived in Poland, Bydgoszcz. A taxi picked us up and we were taken to the hotel where we met the others.


We got our room keys, brought our stuff into our rooms and we went straight down to eat. The next day we had a little program and after that a lot of free time. That’s why we decided to explore the city of Bydgoszcz. We visited huge shopping malls, town parks and saw even more.


The first impression of the school was astonishing. The school was huge. We got a tour to see and learn about the school and their own inside swimmingpool. On the tour we saw the Erasmuswall with all the old pictures. The time passed too fast and we went to have lunch, where everyone was together.


At the beginning, the students were very shy, which is quite clear, they were complete strangers. But after that we met a lot of time because we stayed in the same hotel. That was the reason for becoming friends quickly. We spent a lot of time together. After breakfast our shuttle came to pick us up to take the activities. We visited the townhall in Bydgoszcz and met the mayor. We visited a museum in Gdansk and we even got a city tour. After all this we drove to Sopot, a city by the sea.


One day we got a workshop and learned about shortfilms. We got a lot of explanations and advices that we should use because after this we directed a seven second lasting shortfilm. These experiences were very interesting and helpful. It was a lot of fun to work together with everyone.


The week was very nice. The beginning was first hard for everyone but after two or three days we became real friends. We exchanged our data. We grew so close, that parting was very hard and emotional.


My personal highlight was the trip to Gdansk and Sopot because we all together, was so much fun and this day and we grew together very much.


This trip was a great experience.


By Kiara Drag about the meeting in Bydgoszcz 05/2019:


On Thursday 22nd May 2019 in the morning we finally went to Poland. The trip over there we all talked about how it will be to meet all the new people and to experience all the great things. We drove about 8-10 hours, were picked up at the station in Poland by the Shuttle service and we're taken to the hotel.We were thrilled by the hotel. It was beautiful and of high quality furnished with a red long carpet that went from one floor to the other. Since we arrived at the hotel late at night, we did not do anything exciting anymore, but had dinner in the hotel and get in touch slowly with the students of the other countries. We were picked up every day early in the morning by the shuttle service and taken to school and taken back to the hotel in the afternoon. Arriving at the school we all met in a classroom. In total we were 5 countries. The school was huge and it even had a swimming pool. On one day we also had a European market where each country brought some specialities from their home country.All students took part in a film workshop where we were taught how to make a good movie in 7 seconds without cutting and editing. Every day at school we learned something about other countries and people. At the beginning we were all a little bit shy, but after a fe days we got along very well. We met the mayor where we talked to and presented the Erasmus project. In Gdansk, a very nice old town, we went on a tour of the city and then a museum visit. My highlights were all together and spend time together. By the sea for example we listened to music, danced and did a lot of crazy things. But the best and unforgettable things was our last evening. The Polish students organized a meeting at a very nice place in Bydgoszcz where only we students celebrated a bit with the students of the other countries. It was beautiful, but also emotional. So it was pretty hard that we had to say Goodbye the next morning. This trip was a great experience where you could make friends and this friendship until today. I would recommend Erasmus project to all other students and it was one of the best experience in my life.


By Angelina Krombach about the meeting in Bydgoszcz 05/2019:


When we got there, we were granted very nicely by the Polish teachers. We bought a luggage in the room. Next and downstairs and had dinner. Together we explored the hotel building discovered the where we stayed every night.


The next day we had breakfast and then drove to school. At school there was a European Marked where each school presented food specialties from our country. We where taken back to the hotel Pod Olem by taxi. The rest of the afternoon we had free time and explored the city with a visit of a shopping mall.I preferend exploring the city on our own to a guided tour. In the evening we where in a restaurant food.


The next day we presented our schools and had a workshop about “long shot films”. Therefore we should also film our own film and were allowed to move around the school brought us closer to the other students especially the Italians. On Sunday we made a trip to Gadansk and Sopot where we had a tour through the city, visited some churches and finally we went to the museum of solidarity. When we came back in the evening we had something in the hotel.


The last day we were indivited to the city hall and had walk through Bydgoszcz. We also had a farewell event at school. Little by little we realized that this wonderful week was over and some tears poured.


The next morning after a funny last evening with the other students we took our train back to Gießen

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